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Thursday, April 15 - zoom only until 5:00

9:00am - Why Join INstateREIA? Featuring Board of Directors Panel

Alicia Ortiz, Portage Indiana

Alicia has been providing housing in the NW corner of Indiana for over 20 years. She sits on the Board of Directors for INstateREIA and the South Bend NCI-REIA. Alicia is active legislatively throughout the state and is often called upon by print and electronic media as an Investors Expert.


Elizabeth Sickels, Indianapolis, IN

Elizabeth is one of the top Vacation Rental and Property Management Coaches in the USA.  She is President of the INstateREIA and is active legislatively, teaches multiple classes for CIREIA (Central Indiana REIA) and travels the US for coaching and management.


Grant Anderson, Indianapolis, IN

Grant relocated from California three years ago to move his investing business to Indiana.  As a landlord, flipper and coach, Grant is the INstateREIA liaison for other National real estate groups.  He also sits on the the Board of Directors for CIREIA (Central Indiana REIA), and teaches their monthly BRRRR subgroup.

10:00am - Working with contractors & the importance of contracts

Featuring Patrick Grayson, M.S. in Construction Management Technology from Purdue

Patrick Grayson is a General Contractor and investor in the Indianapolis market.  He has a Masters of Science in Construction Management Technology from Purdue University, has traveled the US overseeing projects for a national construction company, and in recent years, started his own construction company, StolCo Designs.  As an experienced investor and entrepreneur, Patrick has a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry & real estate investing. Patrick will be talking about HOW TO WORK WITH CONTRACTORS, so it is a “win-win” project for both parties.

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12:00pm -  How to Use the Tangible Property Regulations to Generate Losses you can use to put money in your pocket right now.

Understanding the Real Estate Professional designation, and What to do if you can’t pay your tax bill.

Featuring Sarah Holtrup, CPA, CTP specializing in real estate

Sarah graduated with a B.S. in Accounting from Indiana University – Bloomington, Kelley School of Business, and started her CPA experience with the international accounting firm, Ernst & Young.  She helped clients boost their profits, identify opportunities for savings and improvement, identify acquisition opportunities, and leverage tax law changes.  

As a business owner for almost 20 years, she understands the challenges facing real estate investors and business owners and is able to help them navigate the changes in tax law to their advantage.  She provides clear, easy to understand explanations (no CPA speak!), and her hands on experience in accounting and business gives her clients the tools they need to boost their profits and protect them from wasting their hard earned money on unnecessary taxes.  

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2:00pm - 1031 Exchange Do's and Don'ts

Featuring Grant Anderson, 1031 exchange expert

Grant relocated from California three years ago to move his investing business to Indiana.  As a landlord, flipper and coach, Grant is the INstateREIA liaison for other National real estate groups.  He also sits on the the Board of Directors for CIREIA (Central Indiana REIA), and teaches their monthly BRRRR subgroup. Grant will be discussing the do’s and don’ts of 1031 Exchanges.  Having used them himself in man of his transactions, Grant has learned the hard way what you MUST KNOW to use them successfully.

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3:00pm How To Make Money Through Your Self-Directed IRA & Not Pay Taxes

Featuring Kent Kinzer, Equity Trust IRA Specialist

Kent Kinzer, Business Development Sr. Manager for Equity Trust, provides educational resources to real estate and alternative asset investors. Through years of experience working with self-directed IRA investors and holding positions in contracting, operations and building management, Kent has developed an educational curriculum that delves deep into the lesser known aspects of IRA investment techniques. Kent, along with the entire Business Development team, has taken Equity Trust to over $29 billion in plan assets. Additionally, Kent heads up REIA relationships and strategic partnerships for Equity Trust. He is a frequently guest speaker at real estate investing seminars and expos across the country.

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4:00pm - Short term, medium term & vacation rentals

Featuring Elizabeth Sickles, Airbnb hostess extraordinaire

Elizabeth is one of the top Vacation Rental and Property Management Coaches in the USA.  She is President of the INstateREIA and is active legislatively, teaches multiple classes for CIREIA (Central Indiana REIA) and travels the US for coaching and management.

Elizabeth will share her experiences on the the pros and cons of short term and medium-term rentals (also known as vacation rentals).  As one of the most successful Airbnb hosts in Indianapolis, she can “tell it all.”  It is a rewarding business but takes due diligence and determination to deal with the public on a daily basis.

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Friday, April 16th - zoom only from 10-4.  in person @ 5:30.

10:00am Deal Machine - Driving for dollars app to find deals faster

Featuring Matt Kamp, VP of Partnerships for DealMachine 

Do you drive for dollars? Matt Kamp is the VP of Partnerships for DealMachine, the leading growth platform for real estate investors. DealMachine helps real estate investors scale a team of drivers to identify local distressed properties and build a marketing list you cannot buy, reducing marketing spend and increasing ROI. Matt previously led partnerships for Influence & Co., an Inc. 500 list content marketing agency, and helped grow the firm from 8 to 80 employees. Matt also co-organizes Funders & Founders, a virtual networking event connecting entrepreneurs with investors and vendors to help them grow. Matt is a family man with two boys and a new baby girl at home.

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11:00am - Passive investing case study from start to finish

Featuring Debbie Guy, REITs and passive investing expert 

Debbie is an Indianapolis based real estate investor, mentor and teacher who specializes in truly passive real estate investing. She began investing in 1998 with a fixer-upper 4-plex and was able to retire from her high-tech engineering job in 2016 by replacing the entire household income with returns from real estate investments.

Now Debbie does what she loves including long-term rentals, short-term rentals, notes, private lending, and property development. Debbie is also on the advisory board for the Peak Housing REIT, a privately-held Dallas-area based Real Estate Investment Trust.

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1:00pm - Why notes instead of land contracts

Featuring Justin Bogard, note investing expert

Justin first began Real Estate Investing in early 2000’s. His first venture was the purchase of a foreclosed home, and he eventually became successful enough that he was able to quit is 9-5 and start a fix and flip business. He purchased blighted homes that had lots of potential. Some even turned out to be rental property. The success of this phase of his real estate journey allowed him to get specialized training in discounted real estate note investing. 

Over the past several years Justin has become a successful note investor and continues to speak about the subject. Concurrently to this activity he has successfully started 4 businesses including BrightPath Notes and developed a “Power Team”. He is a firm believer that discounted real estate notes have always, and will continue to be the best way to build wealth.

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2:00pm - How to prepare a LOAN PACKAGE that hard and private money lenders will approve

Featuring Constantine Linos, with CPL Investments

Constantine Linos, CEO, is in the relationship business. Since founding CPL Investments, Constantine has prioritized his efforts into building connections that pay off over time. He believes the strongest relationships can achieve optimal stability and consistent, continual growth while navigating uncertainties with the least risk and most success possible. That’s why structure, relationship, communication, balance and growth have become Constantine and CPL Investment’s core values.  

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3:00pm - Using data to pick your next project

Featuring Aaron Norris from Property Radar

Aaron’s real estate career started at five years old fixing houses in his father’s flip business. After living in NYC for almost a decade, he joined the family hard money business as a mortgage officer and researcher, producing numerous market timing reports and award-winning resources for the real estate community. As VP of Market Insights for PropertyRadar, he speaks and writes nationally on trends & the power of public records that help Main Street compete with Wall Street.

Aaron is a licensed real estate broker, mortgage lender, and active real estate investor (private notes, build-to-rent).

You’ll find his works on, Think Realty Magazine, and He’s also been directly involved in raising over $2 million dollars for charities since 2008.

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DINNER SERVED AT 7:00pm - Where is real estate headed in the federal legislative picture

Featuring Trey Hollingsworth, Representing Indiana's 9th Congressional District


Representative Trey Hollingsworth has represented Indiana’s 9th District since 2016; a wide-ranging district comprised of small businesses, suburban communities, hard-working farmers, and striving students all united by their focus on how we collectively build a more prosperous, safer, and stronger America.

A small business owner and long time real estate investor, Trey began renovating and rehabilitating abandoned industrial sites after graduating from business school. Even during the depths of the recession as other U.S. businesses moved overseas, Trey’s business found opportunities for companies to expand, produce, and hire right here at home. Due to his strong belief in the productivity of the American worker, the ingenuity of American companies, and the durability of the American economy, Trey knows American manufacturing can compete anywhere in the world if only we get government out of the way.

Representative Hollingsworth met with INstateREIA legislative committee in 2020 and immediately asked how he could help. He will be joining us on Friday night (April 16th) at the Annual Dinner as our Keynote Speaker and will be speaking about WHERE IS REAL ESTATE HEADED IN THE FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE PICTURE.

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Saturday, April 17th - IN PERSON & ZOOM

9:30am How to MAKE 5 FIGURES Every Month Wholesaling In A Recession

Featuring Vena Jones-Cox, the Real Estate Goddess

Vena Jones-Cox has been investing in residential real estate full time since 1989. She's the founder of Central Ohio Real Estate Entreprenuers (COREE) and past President of Real Estate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio Real Estate Investors Association and the National Real Estate Investors Association. She's has an absolute passion for real estate entrepreneurship as the surest way for the average person to get financial and, as a result, personal freedom, and so teach others to do the same.

She teaches occasional live, or livestreamed, classes and seminars on real estate investing and have written a number of detailed homestudy courses on various topics. She also coaches and mentor serious real estate entrepreneurs, and host a weekly public radio program called Real Life Real Estate Investing (

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12:30 How to analyze properties, do accurate scopes and rehab for profit

Featuring Tony Youngs, top national trainer

Tony Youngs began his Real Estate entrepreneur career in 1986 after attending a seminar. He became rapidly successful in acquiring foreclosure properties and found his niche to be working with distressed properties. Tony started with no money and bad credit and still managed to purchase several properties using OMP & OPC. In fact, after repairs, his first deal netted him a sum of money equal to a full salary at Lockheed, an occupation Tony eventually gave up forever. 

Now, for over 30 years, Tony has been perfecting and creating his own unique system, strategies, and techniques for acquiring foreclosure and hidden market properties. Because of his extreme knowledge and experience, Tony has been asked to speak at real estate and entrepreneur conventions, as well as real estate broker meetings, and national investor associations to audiences that range from 40 to 46,000.

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2:30pm Landlording After Covid With Ever Changing Legislative "Powers"

Featuring Brad Grayson, the million dollar landlord

BRAD GRAYSON, also known as the million dollar landlord, is one of the Midwest's top ranked coaches. He has been investing for over 20 years with annual rentals exceeding $1m.  

He will be speaking about buy and hold in changing times and markets with ever changing legislative powers. He will include million dollar tips including how to work with your tenants who are struggling to pay rent, actual techniques he is using to collect rent, how to make money on policies other landlords turn away from and more. You will walk away with hands on methods, tips and strategizing for working less and making more in your rental business.

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3:30pm Why Strong Property Rights are Essential for Good Housing Providers and Successful Real Estate Investors

Featuring Evan McMahon, State Activist

Evan McMahon is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, investment property owner, and a nationally recognized expert on issue advocacy and campaigning.

Over the past 20 years, Evan has worked in all 50 states on political campaigns focused on candidates for public office, underrepresented industries, and minority opinion policy positions. These efforts led to positive policy changes for those industries and supportive officials elected to office.

As a Libertarian and a landlord, Evan is concerned with the ongoing attacks on private property rights on the state and local level. Whether it’s restrictions on how you rent your property, bans on short term rentals, zoning and building codes that hamper development and investment, or the myriad of forms that differ from city to city… this assault on private property is coming from the left and the right.

Evan McMahon will lead a discussion on how we can defend our property rights and grow our investments by preventing bad legislation and local regulations through direct political action. 

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