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INstateREIA is actively lobbying on your behalf to fight against anti-investor legislation.

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About INstateREIA (Indiana Real Estate Investors Association)

INstateREIA, which is short hand for Indiana State Real Estate Investors Association, is the only state-wide legislative voice for real estate investor legislation in Indiana. Our members include house flippers, landlords, note dealers, wholesalers and anyone working in the real estate investing world.  

Our mission is to be your legislative voice when concerns need to be addressed, and to keep our members informed as policies change.

We only exist because you do.

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INstateREIA is the ONLY STATEWIDE VOICE for Indiana Real Estate Investors.  We work throughout the state, top to bottom with legislators, towns, cities, counties and influencers to fight anti-investor and anti-small business legislation and regulations.

By becoming a member, you can make sure your voice is heard in the fight against anti-investor legislation

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Contact Your Legislators

The ongoing eviction bans that have been in place for the majority of 2020 have incredibly harmful implications for ALL real estate entrepreneurs if there is no opposition.

Even if you aren't a landlord, and aren't currently feeling any affects of the current legislation, don't be complacent. Eviction ban today...and who knows what other harmful legislation will get passed tomorrow?

Our policy makers NEED to hear from us about the negative impact this legislation has on our lives as individual AND on the availability of affordable housing in Indiana. IF WE DON'T BRING THEIR ATTENTION TO THESE ISSUES, THEN HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSSED TO BRING THOSE ISSUES INTO CONSIDERATION when deciding on new legislation?

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Fight Anti-Investor Legislation

"I Love My Landlord" 

 CDC Eviction Moratorium

2021 Annual Conference


91% of rental income collected goes towards the costs of maintaining the property (mortgages, taxes, insurance, upkeep) and ensuring that safe and quality housing is available to tenants at a fair market value. 

If housing providers cannot collect rent, how can we expect them to continue to provide safe and quality housing to the 73% of renters that live in the state of Indiana?

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