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The 2019 Indiana General Assembly ramped up this month with multiple pieces of legislation moving to committee hearings and activity increasing on the chamber floors.

Over 1,000 bills have now been released so we have a clearer picture of potential legislation to be discussed this session. The following is a brief summary of what happened this week at the Indiana Statehouse and what’s coming up. You can find an updated full list of bills we are following below.

Utility Bills:

HB 1347

  • All rates, charges, and other fees for services rendered by a municipally owned utility to a property occupied by a rental tenant are payable only by the tenant and not the owner/landlord.
  • The landlord/owner may need to provide a lease to the utility to facilitate this.
  • Tenant utility charges do not constitute a lien against the property.
  • Creates a process for establishing an ad hoc policy review committee for a municipally owned utility that is no longer under the jurisdiction of the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (90% of municipally owned in Indiana are NOT) if there is a significant complaint.
    • Goes on to detail how this process would work in greater detail.


 Landlord Tenant Matters:

SB 524

Residential landlord-tenant matters.

Makes the following changes to the residential landlord-tenant statute: (1) Increases from 10 days to 14 days the time in which a tenant has to cure a failure to pay past-due rent before the landlord may terminate the lease. (2) Provides that a landlord may not initiate an eviction proceeding or otherwise terminate a tenant's lease for certain alleged violations by the tenant unless the landlord provides the tenant with at least 14 days’ notice and the opportunity to cure the alleged violation. (3) Specifies that a landlord that seeks to terminate for any reason a lease for:


Habitability Standards:

SB 422

Habitability standards. Allows a tenant to terminate a rental agreement if the landlord fails to deliver the rental premises under certain conditions and requires the landlord to return to the tenant any amounts previously paid to the landlord. Requires notice to a tenant regarding lease termination to include a statement about failure to pay fees. Provides that notice is not required to terminate a formal or informal lease in certain situations.


Inspections of Rental Properties:

HB 1372

Inspections of Rental Properties

Provides that a political subdivision shall establish and enforce a program for inspecting and registering rental units.

We will keep you posted on the upcoming committee hearing and alert you if action is needed if these controversial bills make it out of committee.


There are a number of bills, both good and bad, that we are tracking which have committee hearings scheduled in the upcoming week. INstateREIA our affiliates will continue to monitor these bills and work with stakeholders to improve them, but please be on the lookout for action alerts!

Below are some of the committee hearings that have already been scheduled for the week. More committees will also be added through the week.

Utilities, Energy and Telecommunications:

HB 1347  Utility Bills An amendment is being added to this bill and it will be heard again. Will let everyone know of time and place.

HB 1372  Inspection of Rental Properties

Has been referred to committee on Local Government

SB 422 Habitability Standards

Has been referred to committee on Judiciary

Committee will hear this bill Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. est.

SB 524 Residential Landlord-Tenant Matters

Has been referred to committee on Commerce and Technology

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Here's a video of a recent committee meeting regarding HB 1347.  Thank you Joanne Woods, member for sharing this link.   CLICK HERE TO HEAR THE FEBRUARY 6TH STATE COMMITTEE MEETING.


JANUARY 11TH AND 12TH 2nd Annual CONFERENCE...   182 attendees even in the middle of the first 2019 snow storm with 7" of snow!!

Video with Amie Lieurance and Grant Anderson at the event....

Click here for video of Amie and Dave Short at the event...

Click here for video of Amie and Patrick Grayson at the event...

Click here for video of Brad Grayson kicking off the morning with Creative Landlording...

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We Are Your Voice

75% of all SFH investment properties are owned by small owners - not large hedge funds and corporations.  INstateREIA is your chance to make your voice heard, champion your needs with legislators and promote investing done the right way across our state.


Who We Are

501c6 non-profit association where local and regional real estate investment groups can stand together as a centralized, strategic association to champion the issues important to investors across our state; and at the same time create a positive image with the public and with legislators.  We are your investment club for flipping SFH (single family homes), multi-family and commercial properties, property rentals' issues and much more.

100% of donations and profits from fundraising go toward lobbying and public awareness. 

YOU CAN DONATE NOW by calling 317-670-8491 or go to MEMBERSHIPS TAB above and scroll down to JOIN.  There are a couple of donation buttons.


Call to Action Funnel

We need to know what is happening in your town.  A Call-to-Action website that we are calling our CALL TO ACTION FUNNEL is available for Hoosier investors to have a central location to learn about information, and regulations; and to post concerns about issues in your town that might become statewide issues.


2019 Annual Conference

The January event was our annual fundraiser with the goal of raising funds to be used for our statewide public perception program, to hire a lobbyist to fight for our industry and continue to implement the statewide Call-To-Action Funnel. 

182 people showed up in the middle of a 7" snow storm to hear 5 Coaches and Speakers teaching all day plus Real Estate Panel

NO Speakers selling from the podium.  Diversity in presentations.  And tons of fantastic networking. 

2020 date and information coming soon.  


2019 In Progress

Thanks to the support of statewide investors and sponsors at the 2018 and 2019 conferences, the INstateREIA Board of Directors has moved forward with these projects:

INDIANA UTILITIES FIGHT – Did you know that in several communities, ordinances have been passed requiring landlords to be responsible for utilities used but not paid for by tenants.  In some towns this can include water, sewer AND electricity; and can be retroactive without help to the landlord to find the deadbeat tenants?  INstateREIA has pledged monies and matching monies to take this growing concern to legislators. 

PUBLIC RELATIONS – Realtors have National Association of Realtors, Builders have National Association of Home Builders, large apartment complexes have National Apartment Association, but small to medium to mom-and-pop-sized real estate investors haven’t had a voice in Indiana until now.  INstateREIA is working on changing the public's negative perception of our industry due to a handful of bad investors who have ruined the hard work and improvements investors make to our communities.  Our on-going goal is to make the public, and thus legislators, aware of the contributions we make to Indiana.  Our website, Facebook page, twitter account, print media releases, and more are all in the works.

- Our industry is fluid so check back often for changes -

2019 At-Large Memberships Available with special pricing

If you belong to a reia, landlord association or any type of investing group, we would love to talk to you about joining the Indiana STATE REIA.  We are the combined voice for all of us with legislators and are working on your behalf.  You can join as a group or as an individual.  We are offering a 2019 special enrollment price for Individual At-Large members: 

$29.95 per person for the first year and GET THE SECOND YEAR FREE.   This MEMBERSHIP enables you to LIST YOUR PROPERTIES ON THIS WEBSITE and GOOGLE SEARCH.

Or, $49.95 per couple for the first year and GET THE SECOND YEAR FREE.   This MEMBERSHIP enables you to LIST YOUR PROPERTIES ON THIS WEBSITE and GOOGLE SEARCH.

To join, go to MEMBERSHIPS and click on JOIN.

STATE REIA Membership Includes

  • Automated Call To Action System
  • E Newsletter each quarter
  • State Lobbying Efforts
  • Positive PR Campaign 2018
  • Certified Housing Investor
  • Annual Conference, committee, board elections and more to com
  • Membership to THINK REALTY Buying and Coaching Group with  benefits, discount programs, insurance programs, coaching and expertise available to all members.  Just go to www.ThinkRealty.com to sign up for your account.  Check with your club president for your code.

Bringing Investors Together 

INstateREIA launched in January 2018. 
Memberships, sponsorships, committees and services are a work in progress and changing daily. It has been formed by volunteers and your participation is welcome and encouraged. Our goal is to make our voices heard. 

To volunteer call, (317) 670-8491.

Founding Board of Directors

  • Chuck Wright, President - Lebanon
  • Neil Wingate, Vice President - Lowell
  • Chris Coppinger, Treasurer - Carmel
  • Mihaela Raicu, Secretary - Crown Point
  • Alicia Ortiz, Legislative Chair - Portage
  • Elizabeth Sickels, Fundraising Chair
  • Amy Feikes, LaPorte
  • Vickie Perry, Marketing - South Indy
  • Jeffery Jinks Board Attorney - Carmel 

 - Memberships -

Associations and Clubs

Groups can join as an organization. Your members can then sign up to become members of the National THINK REALTY benefits program. SMALL GROUPS UP TO 99 MEMBERS.... $750/YEAR MEDIUM GROUPS 100 TO 199 MEMBERS .... $1500/YEAR LARGE GROUPS 200 AND OVER .... $2500/YEAR

At Large Members SPECIAL 2019 ENROLLMENT

Join as an Investor At-Large member.   You will receive all of the notices and legislative updates; be able to sign up to become a member of the THINK REALTY benefits program and be first to receive discount offers.
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TO JOIN, Call 317-670-8491 
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- 2019 Presenters and Coaches -


Think Realty is a national organization that specializes in helping investors with coaching, real estate investors' magazine, radio show and discount buying programs through Sherwin Williams, Office Depot and more. 

As a member of Indiana State REIA, you are automatically a member of THINK.  You can participate through your local group if they are a member of STATE and THINK; or you can participate through only STATE.  For details, ask your local leaders or call 317-670-8491.

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