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Rent Relief Stimulus Update From Indiana Housing Authority Board Meeting

February 02, 2021 7:32 PM | Anonymous

Rent Relief Stimulus Update From Indiana Housing Authority Board Meeting

Contributed by Alicia Ortiz

INstateREIA Founding Board Member & Legislation Chair

Indiana is getting 448 million dollars in rental assistance funding  

Each county is getting $25,000.00 up front from the emergency Covid fund to use. Once the $25,000.00 is gone and the county can show proof of spending they will receive another $25,000.00.   

Elkhart County, Fort Wayne, Lake, Marion, and St Joe counties have applied separately for Covid rental assistance money. They will share 80 million. How much they each get will be determined by what was on their applications submitted.  

What I am taking this to mean in that the counties and cities listed above, rental assistance will have to be applied for through that county or city and not through the state. Marion county was the only county I knew of who applied separately and applications were taken through a Marion County program, not through the state. The county of city will be allowed to spend up 10% of the monies they receive on administration expenses.  

The state is expecting to start taking applications Mid to late February. They will keep their websites updated as to where and how the counties and cities listed above can apply.  Rental assistance will expire December 31, 2021.  

Rental assistance will cover up to 12 months back rent and 3 months forward. This includes rents and utilities.  

The Cares Act has helped 4,680 tenants with 48 million dollars in rent paid by Indiana Housing now. The ESG program has paid out 6.1 million dollars and continues to pay monthly. The program had a total of 16 million dollars. 63,000 people were helped paying utilities for a total of 30 million dollars.  

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