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14 Indiana Counties Still Using Antiquated Voting Software

February 02, 2021 7:40 PM | Anonymous

14 Indiana Counties Still Using Antiquated Voting Software

Contributed by Laura Guy, The Indy Home Buyer and INstateREIA Fundraising Board Member

14 counties in Indiana are still using the incredibly outdated Dominion Voting Software in their elections.  Voting System Information - Indiana .pdf


Key Highlights

In 2017 Princeton Computer Science Expert outlines how easy it is to use Computer Software (like Dominion) to seriously alter elections.

  • TX outlawed the use of Dominion Voting Software after SIX experts determined it to be unsafe 
  • Voter ID is required in many other countries, less developed than we are: NORWAY, NORTHERN IRELAND, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND, FRANCE, ISRAEL, MEXICO, ICELAND…… 

The Indiana State Legislature is in charge of the voting systems in Indiana.  Please consider reaching out, either by phone or email, to push for getting rid of software based voting systems like Dominion, and requiring Voter ID.  

I have left voicemails and sent emails to Senator Jack Sandlin, and my local rep Justin Moed.  You can find your local representative here:

Please feel free to copy/paste this email also if you wish: 

It is unsettling to learn that 14 counties in Indiana still use voting software systems such as Dominion.  Experts around the country have produced significant evidence to support their ability to be altered and the state of TX has even outlawed them.  I would like to see Indiana take voting integrity seriously and require Voter ID.  Please respond to let me know what your position is on this and how you plan to ensure election integrity. 

Thank you for your support.

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